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Expectations of ministry partners

What to bring


Ministry partners prepare and bring a meal to Cathedral in the Night. Food is needed for 80-100 people and must include at least 80 individually wrapped sandwiches (no mayo – please label them so people know that their choices are) and dessert (cookies, brownies, etc.).

Please plan to bring a hot dish (chili, shepherds’ pie, soup, etc) and serving utensils for 100 people. This comes out to roughly 6-8 large standard-sized catering trays of the hot food.  We recommend that you bring one option for a hot dish- this helps keep a sense of consistency and calm while people are waiting in line. It also helps the food go further. If there are many options, people understandably want a little bit of everything, and thus the food doesn’t go as far.

If possible bring one tray of a vegetarian option.  Additional foods such as salads (pasta, potato, coleslaw, etc.), granola bars, and other snacks are very appreciated. Bring serving utensils as well.


For drinks – water: in individual or large bottles.

Creamer for coffee and sugar for 80 people. We have a coffee pot that we plug in every week, but if you could bring two cartons of half-and-half, milk, or creamer, that would be great.

Supplies & Utensils

If you are able to bring supplies such as plates or bowls, to-go containers, napkins, forks, spoons, etc. that would be helpful.  If that is not possible please let us know and we can supply them.

Upon Arrival

Catering Case

We have an insulated catering box to keep trays of food warm during the service.  (the case holds three trays of this size 20.9 x 12.9 x 2.5.)   Please plan to meet at First Churches no later than 4:30pm.


On Sundays all street parking is free.  If you can’t find a space we suggest parking in the TD Bank lot on Center Street.  To get there you will take the first right after First Churches (if the church is on your right). You will turn onto Center Street and the lot will be a block down on the left across the street from the Police Station.

Arrival Time


Please bring all the food right inside the church when you arrive.  We will also a brief orientation to go over how to best serve for the evening and a debriefing after clean up.  Volunteers are expected to join us for worship at 5 pm, help serve the meal, and to stay until 7 pm to help with clean-up and break down of worship space.



If you have any questions don't hesitate to be in touch!

Phone: 413-575-0845 

Email Pastor Steph:

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